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Our firm has extensive experience in the field of banking law

Our firm has extensive experience in the field of banking law and has represented and continues to represent private and business entities, of varying sizes, with the major banks in Israel and with banks outside Israel, as part of the firm’s international activities.

The representation takes place with two hats: on the one hand, ongoing representation in everything related to receiving financing from banking and/or other financial institutions, drafting agreements with banks, conducting negotiations in everything related to the provision of credit facilities, etc.; on the other hand, representation in proactive claims against banks and/or defense in claims filed by banks, including the representation of principal debtors, guarantors, protection in all matters relating to collateral realization proceedings, etc.

American author and thinker Mark Twain wrote: “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”

Understanding the rationale behind the said law requires the early preparation of every business and individual who needs financing services from various banks and preparation for the arrival of the first raindrop. Accordingly, our firm deals with the practical legal aspects of private and/or business banking, and focuses on examining the nature of the bank-customer relationship and the obligations imposed on the bank to the customer (including guarantors) by law and case law, as well as proper planning and building legal protections for the customer in advance of potential “clashes” with the bank.

As part of our ongoing activities and in all matters related to the post “clash with the bank,” we often deal with debt settlements with the various banks and/or with banking/financial syndicates that provide credit to unique business sectors and/or in general, such as the diamond industry, real estate developers and contractors, high-tech companies, etc.

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Altshuler is the first, only and exclusive firm in Israel to have membership in the LEI Organization (Law Europe International), by which it enables the provision of an international business and commercial legal envelope to all the firm’s clients.

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