“Altshuler” is one of the highest quality and leading boutique firms in Israel. The firm mainly accompanies private clients and business people who are at the forefront of Israeli and internationally operations. The firm is a leader in the field of civil – commercial law, including, inter-alia, local and international transactions, commercial litigation, diamonds, trusts, real estate, finance etc., and accompanies its clients as a family office that provides a protective and business framework in Israel and around the world. The firm operates and has a wealth of experience before a variety of judicial and quasi-judicial courts / instances that exist today, such as courts in all their levels, local and international arbitrations, various judicial committees, State institutions, judicial courts of various sports associations, etc.

In a world where every legal proceeding or every transaction is conducted within an arena where there is more than what meets the eye, the firm serves as a coat of armor and spear in every battle and front. 

Courage, creativity, attention to detail and broad thinking, combined with an uncompromising pursuit of professionalism and understanding of the client’s unique situation, are what lead the firm’s vision and uniqueness: the desire to provide respectable services.

Since its establishment in 2002, by Adv. Amir Altshuler, the firm has accompanied its clients in a variety of legal services provided to mainly private clients, to large and leading companies in the economy, in Israel and around the world, including offering a protective framework, legal accompaniment and management in the local and international arenas. 

Altshuler is the first, only and exclusive firm in Israel to have membership in the LEI Organization (Law Europe International). Membership in this organization was born out of a close, long-standing, professional and friendly relationship with the organization’s managers and members, and it enables the provision of an international business and commercial legal envelope to all the firm’s clients. 

During his years of activity, Adv. Altshuler has acquired and woven commercial and legal relationships around the world, and today his firm and especially his clients benefit from the professional services of leading law firms around the globe. 

The firm carefully selects its clients so that they can receive the most dedicated and optimal care possible. The firm’s clients include artists, businessmen in Israel and abroad, with a high public profile, and those who are leaders in the economic and international market. 

Amir Altshuler has established his status as a leading litigator in Israel, among other things, in the field of commercial litigation and is an expert in the field of diamonds in Israel and around the world. Adv. Altshuler has expertise in the planning, creation and reorganization of company structures, organizations and family businesses, while providing guidance in every step of these processes. Adv. Altshuler personally accompanies and represents each and every one of his clients and even appears in person in any court required.

A relationship of unconditional support and trust is forged between Adv. Altshuler and his clients, which allows his clients personal treatment, a sense of discretion, and security. The firm offers tailor made solutions to its clients, through endless creativity and dedication. 

Altshuler is committed to providing exclusive, individual and comprehensive solutions. 

Due to the intimate family nature of the firm, strong and special relationships of trust are developed between it and its clients. The firm also accompanies its clients in the planning and management of personal and family capital, with all the complexities and emotions that this entails.

Among other things, the firm handles drafting intergenerational agreements and arrangements, preparing wills, managing and transferring intergenerational capital, accompanying real estate transactions and assets in Israel and abroad, and legal consulting in a variety of different fields.

The firm’s industry experience and connections around the world allow for the provision of complete and broad solutions that meet all its customers’ needs at the legal, business, and even personal and family levels.

Altshuler is the first, only and exclusive firm in Israel to have membership in the LEI Organization (Law Europe International), by which it enables the provision of an international business and commercial legal envelope to all the firm’s clients.

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