Intellectual Property and Franchising

Our firm specializes in the protection of intellectual property in all its forms

The right to intellectual property, similar to the right to ordinary property (such as ownership of real estate), has been recognized as a right with a normative degree of a basic law.

The law recognizes four main branches of intellectual property – copyrights, trademarks, designs and patents. In addition to these are rights to protect trade secrets, avoiding passing off, preventing unfair competition, and avoiding unjust enrichment.

The value of intellectual property in the modern commercial world has gained wide legal recognition, while many commercial activities are based on the right to use and utilize the intellectual knowledge accumulated and developed by the property owners.

The age of computers, the Internet and social networks has brought with it new and complex issues in the fields of intellectual property, and the law also deals with them in an attempt to keep pace with technological developments.

Our firm specializes in the protection of intellectual property in all its forms, drafting agreements, conducting negotiations, and representing in courts (litigation) in complex intellectual property cases.

The firm’s staff has many years of experience in consulting and accompanying media entities, creators and producers, high-tech companies, and websites, from the establishment stages, creating the legal infrastructure, negotiations with third parties, contracts with investors, etc., as well as managing complex court cases (litigation) in the fields of communication, computers and various intellectual property fields. Trade secrets, copyrights, designs, trademarks, computers and the Internet, defamation, commercial torts, emphasizing the complexity of the relationship between the owners and themselves, and between them and their employees and third parties.

Our firm accompanies and represents commercial companies based on intellectual property assets, including various top artists, including the artist Omer Adam.

Our firm also deals with the representation of franchisors and franchisees, and in doing so, we have extensive experience in formulating agreements in this field and in litigation proceedings that are the subject of disputes that arise in this special relationship.

Areas of Expertise of the firm

Altshuler is the first, only and exclusive firm in Israel to have membership in the LEI Organization (Law Europe International), by which it enables the provision of an international business and commercial legal envelope to all the firm’s clients.

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